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We give you actionable insights to effect positive change in real time. 

If your hospital isn’t running smoothly, patient care pays the price. Position your hospital as a leader in today’s changing healthcare landscape with forward-thinking processes and new models of care. SCP’s Clinical Operations Specialists are experts in streamlining processes, maximizing throughput, and facilitating teamwork across departments using LEAN process improvement methodologies. 

Core improvement areas:

  • Patient throughput
  • Data transparency
  • Metrics
  • CMS reimbursement
  • Documentation
  • Clinical handoffs—EM/HM/ICU transition of care
  • EHR benefits optimization
  • UM/CM optimization
  • Technology selection
  • Pre-merger/post-merger integration
  • PMO outsourcing
  • Provider management and integration

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Analytics tools and initiatives

  • Real-time optimization and individualized performance feedback through our Provider Portal data
  • Provider Portal dashboard with convenient accessibility and usability
  • Credited diagnostic and patient care management aids

Metrics improvements

  • Core Measures
  • Door-to-Doctor times
  • ALOS
  • LWOTs
  • Patient satisfaction
  • PQRS scoring
  • Patient safety
  • CMS’ Hospital Quality Initiatives
Midtown Medical Center

Data-powered transformation

After an Emergency Department assessment, redesign, and recruit-over, our client achieved a 44% decrease in LOS, 24% decrease in D2D, and 19% decrease in LWOT rates.